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Whether a short, intense burst of effort or a longer elapsed time is required, our approach allows us to match the needs and demands of our clients.

Our approach for assisting clients allows our consulting effort to be varied to match their needs to solve the problems at hand and deliver solutions. This may mean a short intense effort to resolve urgent important issues upfront, followed by a long (duration), thin (effort) trail of stakeholder consultation and communication. We aim to achieve our clients’ requirements and, in doing so, match their needs and demands

In contrast, larger firms will aim to have teams fully utilised across a specific time duration. These teams are typically composed of a very part time Partner, Project Manager and a team of analysts. As a result, larger firms are less able to provide the long, thin consulting effort required by some clients.

Our flexible approach means we work according to the pace our clients want to work and, in doing so, believe this is also the most cost effective for our clients.

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